Advanced accent reduction

debbie and duncan

Ear & Speak‘s clients benefit from our expert technical understanding of the causes of pronunciation problems and the best solutions to achieve effective English accent modification in real communication.

We help clients rise to their goals in one-on-one classes, face-to-face in Melbourne, or online anywhere in Australia and overseas. Will you work hard so you never need to repeat yourself again?

Your accent. Your goals.

Our focus is on helping you speak clearly in the local context. (You might want to learn an Australian accent or just improve clarity… we follow your goal.)

Our tailored accent training isn’t empty marketing — we are truly adapting to your performance and goals, every step of the way.

One-hour face-to-face accent reduction lessons in Melbourne, with analysis, guidance and feedback in every session, plus supporting printed, web and audio materials, including new materials whenever needed.

If you are outside Melbourne: our online Accent Reduction at Home program.


We know you have your own unique experience of learning and speaking English in Australia, in different circumstances, and with different pronunciation problems.

You aren’t locked into packages, and you don’t pay for lightweight “audit/diagnostic” tests and preset programs.

We don’t waste your time. We don’t treat you like a child. We give you solutions to fix accent problems, and we make you practise them in real-life communication.

And unlike any other provider in Australia, our expertise means we can help you with conversation, grammar, vocabulary and cultural skills at the same time.

Expert analysis

We know how languages are structured, and what happens when two (or more) languages come together.

We know how language learning works, in children and adults, in classrooms and in real life.

Dr Duncan Markham wrote his PhD thesis on accent learning and has been working with multilingual learners/speakers ever since.

Dr Debbie Loakes is an active researcher in current Australian English pronunciation and accent.

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  • We know why a speaker of English with a Vietnamese accent will sometimes pronounce B in three different ways.
  • We anticipate that clients with a Malaysian Chinese accent will find the vowel in words like day and cake unusually difficult.
  • We help Russian-accented speakers understand the importance of твёрдые согласные in their English accent.
  • We know that Portuguese speakers will have different problems depending on origin: English R will be often be harder for cariocas than paulistanos.
  • We know Hindi speakers need to be shown that थ is not like English TH (except in the Indian English accent).

We want to help make things easier.           

Advanced guidance

We identify causes and solutions for simple and complex accent problems, and endeavour to teach you in whichever manner best suits your learning style and challenges.

When we tailor your accent training, we’re not copy-pasting from Wikipedia or pulling out a page called “Chinese accent problems”.

We focus on solving problems and making crucial changes. We don’t waste your time on English pronunciation basics that you’re already getting right.

And, uniquely, we can also guide you in English conversation skills, vocabulary development, culturally appropriate language, and more.

  • We know if 拼音 will be helpful for Mandarin speakers trying to fix their English pronunciation, depending on where they grew up.
  • We know tricks to help speakers with a Spanish accent better interpret English spelling.
  • We can explain problems in physical, muscular, linguistic, phonetic and everyday terms.
  • We’ve developed special materials to enhance sound differences that people find hard to hear or pronounce.
  • We use our own linguistically up-to-date and culturally relevant materials, developed and updated based on our clients’ needs.
  • Our clients have exclusive access to special online resources that we have developed.

Watch our videos!

If you live in Melbourne, our dynamic, flexible face-to-face communication training is the appropriate choice.
For people living in the rest of Australia (or overseas), consider our serious, live one-on-one online training program to help you overcome English accent problems: Accent Reduction at Home.