Clarity • Confidence • Eloquence

Ear & Speak is about communication – helping clients from a diversity of backgrounds improve their skills. My job is to help you towards your goals.

- Dr Duncan Markham

We offer flexible and dynamic one-on-one communication and accent training in Melbourne. Our clients appreciate our genuine expertise in accent modification and advanced spoken English communication, and our honest, no-nonsense approach.

An essential advantage is that we can help you with one issue, or across many areas, including elocution lessons or other communication skills for better English. We also have a unique online accent reduction course for clients elsewhere in Australia. (⇢ Overview of services)


  • make yourself more easily understood: repeat yourself less often
  • speak with smoother rhythm and flow: improve the fine detail of English pronunciation
  • learn to speak like an Australian (if you want): the special characteristics of Australian English accent/pronunciation
  • identify and correct grammatical problems
  • express ideas by organising your thoughts better


  • help people understand you the first time you say something
  • hear "Where are you from?" less often
  • perform better in job interviews and the workplace
  • develop your conversational skills
  • understand and resolve inter-cultural issues


  • broaden your vocabulary
  • choose the best words
  • converse on a wide range of topics
  • shape your message for the right audience

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