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Practical info

Face-to-face training in Melbourne (or elsewhere under special circumstances).

For online training, please click here.

Hi there! This page is all about location, scheduling and fees for face-to-face training in Melbourne, and getting in contact.

Have you already seen our helpful pages about FAQs, our range of services and approach to training, and our clients' feedback?

Note about training during Covid-19 outbreak

Training has been suspended again until (approx) late October. Your enquiry is still welcome.



Training outside Melbourne

If you are interested in face-to-face training in other cities, appointments for intensive training over a number of days can be made, but the client will be required to cover all costs. As most clients can't do that, consider our more narrowly focused online accent reduction program.

Contact and fees

For fee info and to make an enquiry, please click on the appropriate link in the box below.



Info for self-funded clients

The information below is for

  • individual clients in Melbourne who would be paying for their own training privately.

Click here if your training would be funded/reimbursed by a business or here if you are a healthcare student/professional.

Fees for privately-funded clients

We understand that this sort of personalised training is a significant investment for many clients. Part of our business philosophy is fairness. If you are funding your own training completely privately (i.e. not as a self-employed or reimbursable expense) then we don't charge our normal business rate: you can instead enjoy the special rates below . We don't force you into buying packages, but if you do choose to prepay multiple appointments then we offer the extra discounts shown.


Mon-Fri (daytime)Further discounts available:
$140 per 1-hr appointmentSave $3 per session if you pay by bank transfer
Save $11 per session if you prepay multiple sessions (Conditions apply)
Special fee: $121 for full-time students at university or TAFE. (Conditions apply)
Special fee: $112 for Low Income Healthcare Card holders. (Conditions apply)
Save $3 per session if you pay by bank transfer
Mon-Fri (after 17:30); SatFurther discounts available:
$151 per 1-hr appointmentSave $3 per session if you pay by bank transfer
Save $11 per session if you prepay multiple sessions (Conditions apply)
Please see the page here

Fees effective for 2020 appts. Different fees apply for business accounts or client-site visits. All fees are in Australian Dollars. We accept cards issued in Australia: Visa, Mastercard and American Express, bank transfer and cash.

Existing clients should visit the Client Area to see terms and make payments (refer to your registration or invoice emails for the link).

Contact details

Enquiries about online training in other cities should not be made here (go to this page instead).

picture of Duncan It can be helpful to read through the information on the other pages of this site before contacting me. (And fee info is above this section.)

Please direct your enquiry to:
Dr Duncan Markham (more info about me is here).

My goal is to help, so please help me too — communicate clearly about your questions and goals, and I'll be able to help you better.

Please don't leave your appointment request too late, especially if you're thinking about training for an urgent issue like interviews. In the last six months, the typical waiting time to start training has varied between 2 and 10 weeks.

Use the enquiry form or the details shown below.

Email address

NOTE: Please include your name and phone number. History has shown that people who leave it out aren’t usually seriously interested, so I won’t reply. (The phone number is only used to advise you by SMS that I have replied by email, or to call you if you requested that. I do not spam you.)

If you don’t receive a personal reply from me within about two business days, please SMS me as there might be a technical problem.

Phone number
0422 93 43 17

Mon-Fri 09:30-18:00
(Int’l: +61-422-934317)

Enquiry form

After pressing Submit, it will show "Processing" for up to 10 seconds before saying it was successful. If you have any trouble submitting the form, please do try again, or just give us a call/email using the details above the form.