Information for business clients

The information below is for

  • employees researching training for themselves that will be funded by their organisation.
  • organisations planning training for one or more staff members.

If that's not you, please go back to the Location and scheduling page.

To better understand the services and training, it can be helpful to read through the information on the other pages of this site before contacting me.

Fees and terms

For information about fees and payment terms, please contact me (below) with your training requirements (location, number of people to be trained, etc). Payment is accepted by EFT and all major credit cards. Full terms are provided to all clients upon enquiry.

Note that I prioritise requests for one-on-one training, as group training is less effective for most of the skills development services that I offer.

Contact details

Please direct your enquiry to: Dr Duncan Markham (more info about me is here)

Please don't leave your appointment request too late, especially if you're thinking about training for an urgent issue like interviews. This is particularly important if you can only attend during popular periods (lunch, late afternoon, Saturday). In the last six months, the typical waiting time to start training has varied between 2 and 10 weeks.


Please use the enquiry form below, or you can email directly to:

NOTE: Make sure you include your name and phone number, or I won't regard your enquiry as serious. (The phone number is only used to send an SMS to check you received my reply (unless you've actually asked me to call you). I do not share your details or spam you.) It is also helpful to know a bit about you and why you are interested in my services.

An automatic email reply is sent immediately and a personal reply from me within about two business days. Email isn't perfect -- please check your spam/junk folder, and just call me if no reply arrives.


0422 93 43 17 -- Mon-Fri 09:30-18:00 (9.30am-6.00pm)
(Int'l: +61-422-934317)

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