Your scheduling options


Hi there. It is reeeeeeeally important that you show me your maximum flexibility when filling out the form, and not just your preferences.

You will hear back from me:

  • within one business day if information is unclear, or
  • within a week with info about a schedule or the waiting time.

It’s important that you reply to any email about scheduling quickly, otherwise any times will have to be made available to other clients.

About offers of appointments

For training to work, it is important to have a regular schedule of appts prepared in advance. This simply ensures good learning.

You are not locked in to any payment, and can cancel training if you don’t like it.

We don’t take on clients who are unwilling to mentally commit to ongoing training, so if you only want to take one appointment , you’ll need to explain why.


This form is easiest to fill in on a computer/tablet. If you have to use a phone, it will be better in landscape mode.

If you need to change/update things after submitting the form, you can just email me to explain the changes.