Face-to-face training during the pandemic

Face-to-face training recommences in November.

It is extremely important that you read the information below properly, even if you usually prefer to skip details like this.

Risk-reduction measures

In the office there will be:

  • a clear plastic screen across the training table (existing clients have already experienced this and did not find it distracting);
  • an air purifier. This runs at low power during sessions (too noisy otherwise) and will run at full power between sessions;
  • the desk, screen and chair arms will be disinfected after every appointment.

The rules in Melbourne

The government has published the following relevant rules. These might change, but we have to plan this way until something different is announced.

  • you will be able to leave home for any reason;
  • a teacher (Duncan/Debbie) may remove their facemask in order to teach effectively (link);
  • you will still be required by law to wear your facemask at all times when away from home (link).

As you can see, the last point is an issue for the most effective training, but does not prevent you from attending. There is important additional info below.

After careful discussion, and keeping in mind our existing risk-reduction measures and the low number of Covid-19 cases in the community, we have decided:

  • If a client chooses to remove their mask temporarily for clarity during training, we understand that choice and will not object. 

A business operator (Ear & Speak/Duncan/Debbie) is not required to make you follow the rules (link).

You can also ask us to wear a mask if necessary.

If you have any questions about the above info, please contact Duncan now.

Clients may only attend appointments if they take a responsible approach to risk and protecting others.

Your responsibility

You may only attend an appointment if all of these apply:

  1. you are not currently experiencing any of the possible common symptoms of Covid-19 (unexpected fever, dry cough, sore throat, tiredness, loss of smell/taste);
  2. in the last 14 days, you are not aware of having been in close physical contact with:
    1. someone with Covid-19, or
    2. someone suspected of having Covid-19, or
    3. someone displaying possible symptoms of Covid-19;
  3. you are not waiting for a Covid-19 test result taken due to suspected symptoms or following medical recommendation;
  4. you are not currently required to isolate yourself;
  5. you agree to notify Ear & Speak immediately if you later become aware of any possibility that you were infected with Covid-19 before you attended your most recent appointment.

Clients attending training will be required to sign a declaration confirming the above before starting each appointment.

What next?

Many clients are only interested in face-to-face training. Some are interested in “mixed-mode” training (a mix of face-to-face and online) due to new work patterns.

We continue to advise against online-only training, as progress is slower, fine detail is often too hard to observe, and more time has to be spent on going over the same material.

Having read the important information on this page, if you are happy to attend face-to-face training when suitable appointments become available, you should proceed to the scheduling information form now.

If you instead prefer to wait until the rules regarding masks change, you should email me now saying whether you (1) would like to do some online sessions starting at most four weeks before the mask rules are relaxed, or (2) just want to wait for face-to-face after the mask rules are relaxed. Note that no-one knows when the mask rules will change, and they might apply for many more months.