Accent/communication training for medical professionals/other specialists

Accent reduction and communication training - medical

Ear & Speak has considerable experience working with clients in a wide range of medical and related fields. Dr Duncan Markham and Dr Debbie Loakes have helped numerous clients with medical backgrounds improve their general clarity of speech and communication skills in English. Unlike many other services, we do not treat foreign medical graduates as targets for crass advertising and scaremongering. Good communication is important in all walks of life, and involves developing a good set of skills. Our professionalism makes training constructive, relevant and valuable.

Uniquely, Dr Markham can engage with the subject matter in most medical fields, meaning that training remains dynamic and relevant for medical professionals in all contexts, whether it be doctor-patient interactions or biological and chemical mechanisms. He can help English native-speaker and second-language-speaker clients to prepare for degree or professional OSCEs, Occupational English Tests, Multiple Mini Interviews and other challenges in gaining medical qualifications in Australia.

In all our training, we use carefully prepared original materials, and target professionally and socially relevant language use, vocabulary and communicative challenges.

Improved English skills for other specialist occupations

We pride ourselves on being able to engage clients from the widest range of occupations in useful, meaningful conversation so that each client can develop their new communicative skills in relevant speaking contexts.

Where necessary, we work with clients to develop relevant vocabulary lists and interactive activities.

We work with clients from an incredibly diverse range of backgrounds and occupations (from diplomats to brickies, sex-workers to politicians).

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